Ginataang Bilo bilo with Langka Recipe

Ginataang Bilo-bilo with Langka is a Filipino snack dish. It is composed of glutinous rice balls (locally known as bilo-bilo), coconut cream, sugar, sago pearls, and ripe jackfruit. Some people consider this as a simplified version of the Ginataang halo-halo.

How to Cook Ginataang Bilo-bilo with Langka

Cooking this dish is fairly easy, as long as you have the sago cooked and the glutinous rice balls ready.

Do you know how to properly cook sago pearls, yet? This post should be able to guide you.

Making your own glutinous rice balls or bilo-bilo at home is also a simple task. Follow these steps for guidance.

The process involves a little bit of boiling, stirring, and mixing. You should be able to enjoy your delicious Filipino snack in no time.

The first thing to do is boil water in a pot. Add coconut cream once the water boils. Stir and add the sugar. Also add the ripe jackfruit into the pot and cook for around 15 minutes between low to medium heat while the pot is covered. This will release the flavors from the jackfruit and transfer it into the sweet coconut milk mixture. This is where the flavors of this wonderful dessert/snack starts to form.

Next is to add the glutinous rice balls. Cook these for 15 minutes while stirring every minute. Make sure to add more water or even coconut milk if the liquid is starting to dry out during the process.

Add the sago last. If you are using fully cooked sago pearls, you are almost set right away. Just stir and let it cook for 1 minute. However, adding uncooked sago can take longer. I suggest using pre-cooked pearls for best results. You can use either the big ones (used to make sago at gulaman), or the tiny ones. Consider adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture to make your dish taste better.

I like to have my Ginataang Bilo-bilo with Langka warm if I am eating it as an afternoon snack. However, I prefer it cold for breakfast.

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